Salvatore Capalbi, proprietorCompany Donna Tina: “I founded my company in 2008 to celebrate my love for my native soil. We create ‘made in Basilicata’ products relying entirely on local resources and traditions for sale in Italy and for export all over the world preserving the simplicity and traditions …(Salvatore Capalbi, proprietor)

The Company Donna Tina  is located in Stigliano, in the heart of Matera hills and covers around 20 hectares, including 4.5 hectares of Meditteranean maquis with over a thousand olives trees native to the area.

The Company Donna Tina up from its birth we conducted using the organic farming. In 2015 it was notified of the official entrance in the Institute of Organic System ICEA in Bologna (organic certification). In 2016 it is in progress Organic Certification for its products according to the USA (NOP), Japanese (JAS) and Canadian (COR).

The Farm Donna Tina produces organic food: donkey milk, sweets with donkey milk, extra virgin olive oil, pasta durum wheat, honey, cereals, hay for livestock use, we breed donkeys and chickens to produce eggs very fresh. The Mediterranean scrub we use for wildlife farms.

In 2010 we started a breeding donkeys for milk production for food and medical use. The donkeys, in full respect of their well-being, we also use for therapeutic purposes (onotherapy) and educational. We organize, through the employment of disadvantaged people, activities in the social and cultural sphere. Our activities are aimed at people of all ages, gender, ethnicity and nationality, people with disabilities, drug addicts, the blind, people with anxiety problems, stress and more … We also organize educational activities for schools, projects social and environmental education, trekking pack animal and much more. In our staff is also specialized staff for communication with deaf people.

woman face use of Sara Cosmetics At the end of 2011 thanks to the high quality and properties of our oil and donkey milk we create the first line of cosmetics  Sara Cosmetic.

Thanks to the typical Mediterranean climate and the high specialization achieved over the years has allowed us to produce high quality food excellence that satisfy even the most discerning palates. Today our products are sold all over the world. We are suppliers of various fair trade groups (GAS) and important Companies Eastern Airlines. Ecan also purchase our products directly from the farm at our shop.

Our products are recognized at national and international competitions obtaining satisfactory results. We are a dynamic company that follows the trends of the moment by offering their products every year and so different packaging.

To carry out our activities we use buildings, with peculiar typological characteristics of the area, in line the current sanitary regulations and renovated in keeping with tradition.Panoramic view of the laboratory the company donna tina

We are implementing various measures for the recovery of the territory and traditions with the renovation of some buildings where to keep and preserve the testimonies of the rural culture, as the tools of the past that have accompanied and enabled the work in the countryside in recent years. We are completing the spaces to get the recognition of Educational Farm.

Also it will complete a structure in order to expand its activities in the social sphere.

The company staff operates so as to keep an eye on the quality of the products, the Transparency and the satisfaction of the end customer.