The heart of Livestock Farm Donna T ina is the breeding of donkeys for the production of donkey milk. In the company over the asses, raise sheep, goats, bees, broilers, hens to produce eggs, pigs (crossings with black pig). Among the wildlife farms for educational purposes we fallow deer, llamas, alpacas, the European hare, the pheasant, peacocks, cranes and flamingos. For the management of our animals we adopt farming methods that have as their primary objective their welfare. To protect our livestock from predators external trust in the friendship of our Maremma shepherd breed dogs: Krishna, Selene, Minerva, Nuvola, Ulisse, Amina, Pallino, Macchia and Kimba. Each of our animals has its own name that shows the consideration with which we do them.

For the power of our animal friends do not use silage or GMO products (genetically modified), but straw, hay and grass in abundance, with the addition of organic oats and flour products from organic cereal company. We do not use techniques or substances that force the growth of the animals, we use homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies for the treatment of diseases. Areas that year are in a vegetative rest (fallow) we allocate the grazing animals. Over grazing animals they do provide premises for the night shelter or from the weather. Fertilization is natural and not artificial, no animal is related to the chain, the spaces for grazing are bordered by metal fences or electrified. The number of livestock we raise is linked to the company’s available surface. We do not practice transplantation of embryos and / or genetic manipulation.